“Morgan Stanley IM launches emerging markets fund in UK” – International Investment – August 18, 2020

On August 18, 2020 International Investment reported that “Morgan Stanley Investment Management today announced the launch of the Morgan Stanley Funds (UK) Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) Developing Opportunity Fund.

This follows the December 2019 launch of the Morgan Stanley Investment Funds (MS INVF) Developing Opportunity Fund amidst strong UK investor demand for opportunities to diversify and invest in high quality companies in emerging markets.

Developing Opportunity is a high-conviction, concentrated portfolio that invests in perceived undervalued, high quality companies located or operating in developing market countries. The fund will offer UK investors access to several sectors and geographies including China, India and Brazil.

The investment process integrates analysis of sustainability with respect to disruptive change, financial strength, environmental and social externalities and governance (also referred to as ESG). The Fund invests primarily in companies with capitalizations within the range of companies included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Net Index.”

You may read the article on the International Investment internet site.