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“Saudi Exchange Issues ESG Disclosure Guidelines for Listed Companies” – PR Newswire – October 28, 2021

In a press release published on PR Newswire on October 28, 2021 the “Saudi Exchange announced that it has issued Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure guidelines to promote sustainable growth in the Kingdom. The guidelines demonstrate Saudi Exchange’s continued commitment to support more than 200 listed companies and also prospective companies looking to list. […]

“The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2021” – Solability – October 26, 2021

On October 26, 2021 Solability published the 10th edition of its Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index. “Highlights and key takeaways of the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Report 2021: Scandinavia continues to top the ranking: Sweden is leading the Sustainable Competitiveness Index, followed by all other Scandinavian nations. Only Switzerland on 3rd is breaking in. Only two countries […]