Cybersecurity: Risks and Responses – Warsaw, Poland – June 23, 2017

Cybersecurity ConferenceOn June 23, 2017 Emerging Markets Researchers Foundation and Partners (Illinois Institute of Technology-IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law; Military University of Technology in Warsaw (WAT); cyberProductivity SA; SWC Group; and the Polish Bank Association [ZBP]) organized a one-day conference in Warsaw, Poland on Cybersecurity:  Risks and Responses.

The conference addressed cybersecurity – the security of data and information as well as protection against cyber-attacks and network security. Cybersecurity concerns every one of us. Cyber-attacks and privacy invasions have already become part of our daily lives. Anyone can be a victim. International corporations, banks, non-profit organizations and the average Pole are targets of hacking attacks.

The costs of such attacks are very high – including expenses incurred by the organization to secure their data as well as a reputational risk and increased sense of insecurity. Security experts have long been explained how to defend better. So why do wecincur the very large costs we could avoid?

One of the main reasons is the fact that the binding provisions of law do not provide adequate guidance. They usually require “reasonable” or “appropriate” security measures, but fail to provide further. The endless series of data infringements reveals imperfection of the current legal regime. How should we change the regulations? Should we implement our own business practices to solve the problem? What should be the role of the insurance industry protecting against increasing cyberattacks?

The objective of the conference was to present current practices in the field of cybersecurity, general information, in particular about data infringement, as well as current activities aimed at mitigating the impact of the financial events on infringement effects. The conference included four panels: Academic, Business, Government and Technical. Each of the panels shall be focused on security of data and information from the perspective of a given industry.

You can visit the conference website here.

Emerging Markets ESG was a media partner of the conference.