“Is it time to ditch Brazil? ESG managers tackle Amazon chaos” – Citywire – August 27, 2019

On August 27, 2019 Citywire reported that “(f)ires in the Amazon came to the fore last week and continue to generate attention after the Brazilian government rejected the G7’s offer of $22 million in aid. 

In the world of finance, asset management firms were reluctant to offer immediate responses to the crisis despite the increased emphasis on ESG approaches.”

The article investigates the responses of numerous asset managers, analyzing their respective ESG engagement and exclusion policies.

It concludes with two rhetorical questions that may become practical concerns sooner rather than later:  “can you look past a country’s dubious environmental efforts if it looks like a convincing governance champion? More poignantly, what has to happen to a country’s ESG profile for it to deteriorate enough in the eyes of fund managers for them to divest?”

You may read the article on the Citywire internet site.