“Temasek commits $500 million for a stake in LeapFrog Investments” – ImpactAlpha – March 10, 2021

On Mach 10, 2021 ImpactAlpha reported that “Singapore’s state-backed investment arm Temasek will become part-owner in LeapFrog Investments and anchor its future funds. The commitment pushes the pioneering emerging markets impact investing firm’s capital raised past $2 billion.

The investment is a ‘a trajectory-changing moment” for impact investing, LeapFrog’s Andy Kuper told ImpactAlpha. “We have confirmed that this is the largest ever single commitment to an impact investor. I am hopeful it marks a new era of scale and success for the global impact investment industry.’

The Global Impact Investing Network’s Amit Bouri said the Temasek deal signals that ‘investors are prioritizing measurable impact alongside financial returns, demonstrating that each can enhance the other.’ He called on investors to ‘step up the scale.’”

You may read the article on the ImpactAlpha internet site.