“The UN Sustainable Stock Exchange welcomes two new partners exchanges” – SSE Initiative – August 20, 2021

On August 20, 2021, the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative reported that “Iran Fara Bourse Securities Exchange and Kyrgyz Stock Exchange have solidified their commitment to transparency and sustainability by becoming a member of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative. The SSE’s newest member joins a network of now 108 stock exchanges around the world that are committed to promoting sustainable development.

The SSE works with stock exchanges through technical assistance, consensus building and research to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to stimulate investment for a sustainable future. Exchanges around the world partner with the SSE to work towards a common objective of fostering financial markets that support the growth of sustainable and responsible business practices.”

You may read the article on the SSE internet site.