“Mexico Proves Bill & Melinda Right on Gender Data” – Center for Global Development – February 27, 2019

On February 27, 2019 the Center for Global Development published an article describing how gender-specific data enhances the ability of governments and financial institutions to promote inclusion.  The blog post originally appeared in Spanish on the Inter-American Development Bank internet site.

“In their recently released 2019 annual letter, Bill and Melinda Gates argue that data can be sexist. Missing or inaccurate data on women and girls can block their progress and that of society and economic development at large, they state, since robust gender data has the power to encourage change to achieve greater gender equality.

Mexico is a notable exception. Indeed, we document the data-to-policy-to-results link and detail how Mexico used gender data to shape public policies in a recently-published case study that we wrote in the context of the Women’s Financial Inclusion Data Partnership, coordinated by Data2X. It also highlights insights and trends in financial inclusion that only rich data sets can provide. 

Mexico is proving that when sex-disaggregated financial sector data makes women visible, this gender data strengthens Mexico’s financial sector and improves women’s lives.”

You may read the article on the Center for Global Development internet site.